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Stinging nettles, sunburn and saddle soreness in cycling charity fundraiser

July 21, 2011

Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor’s, and his son, Max, are rapidly reaching the finish line of their challenging 990 mile (1584 km) cycling marathon, from one end of Britain to the other, raising thousands of Euros for childrens’ charities KidsCo and Nariz Vermelho.

Starting from Land’s End, at the southwestern tip of the British mainland, Adrian and Max have averaged around 81 miles (130 km) a day, cycling for up to 6 hours in order to meet their target. Reaching speeds of up to almost 50mph (77kmh) in some sections of the challenge, the father and son team have now spent over 53 hours cycling in this charity fundraiser and are on target to reach their goal of John O’Groats, Scotland, on 23rd July. You can follow their progress over the last few days and how to make a donation on their blog,


Apart from the huge distance, saddle soreness, sunburn and a nasty encounter with some stinging nettles are just a few of the trials that the pair has endured, but both are in good spirits and enjoying the adventure.

Adrian said, “The journey has been grueling in parts, but the weather has been on our side for most of it, which has helped our effort a lot. It’s been fantastic so far, and Max and I have enjoyed immensely cycling through some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside, whilst at the same time trying to help two important charities.”

Both the UK charity KidsCo (, and Portuguese charity Nariz Vermelho ( help vulnerable children in need. Adrian and Max are hoping to raise £5,000 for KidsCo, which will fund six months of the charity’s football program, whilst setting themselves a target of €6,000 to raise for Nariz Vermelho.

Donations to KidsCo can be made online at or you can pledge your donation to Nariz Vermelho by contacting Adrian and Max directly:

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